Bondi Fit Re-Launch

Welcome to the New Look Bondi Fit. The journey for me personally & Bondi Fit has gone full circle & I am back in the water full time – woohoo! My mission is to help people enjoy swimming, getting fit in the surf, paddling or just being in the water as much as I do! I find great solace being able to sit in or on top of the water in just my boardies… Even in the middle of winter when I’m freezing I know this is where I belong! A lot of things hold people back but I am here to help break them down for you! For over 30 years I had been lucky enough to teach swimming, get people in shape, set/ achieve personal goals they never thought possible & for some winning races in the pool, ocean swim, surf-lifesaving & triathlon right up to World Champion level!  If you trust me & work with me we can do some pretty awesome things!

Across all the water sports I have had many amazing experiences & as a natural teacher I’m excited about getting you into it whether that means a swimming lesson, joining our swim squads, learning to catch waves, or getting out on the harbor for a paddle!

Swimming coaching is where it all started for me back in 1983 at Bondi Icebergs coaching kids whilst attending University. Swimming is where I got my first great job when I was getting into triathlon full time with the Warrior Steve De Lorenzo at Kambala School. And swimming is where I got to work with some of Australia’s leading coaches in Queensland including the crazy Olympic Coach himself Laurie Lawrence! Swimming is what I returned to when I came back to Sydney & 16 years later swimming is what I am now specialising in!

My little brother Richard & I after we did a Biathlon together back in the day - so much fun!

My little brother Richard & I after we did a Biathlon together back in the day - so much fun!

Being in the surf has been part of my life since I was the 2nd youngest of 10 kids squeezing into mum’s car to head down to the North Bondi Rock Pool. My big brothers would make me jump off the rocks into the surf & follow them across the famous North Bondi Express Rip to the sand bank where we would catch waves back to the beach! We all joined Bondi Icebergs Swim Club & would head down there every Saturday in summer! Ironically I was the only kid that didn’t do swim squad at school with all my brothers & sisters heading to Waverley College, St Clairs & Marcellin which all had swim programs whereas Sydney High didn’t… But I had something better to do & that was surfing. This occupied my life from my early years until I was 20 & realised I wasn’t going to be World Champion so I jumped ship and became part of Australia’s 1st ever World Triathlon Championships Gold Medal winning team – as you do! Yes I began swim squad at 20 & with a natural motor in my body that helped me run 47 minutes for City To Surf (14km) after 3 months of training my entry point was at a high standard! I came out of the water 1st in many triathlons including a World Cup Race but when I changed sports I was then not fast enough to compete with the best Surf Ironman competitors in the country - I had to learn to swim faster. I used many of the ideas I had in my head to correct my stroke - these were NOT what I read in the text book & definitely not what the Olympic swim coaches were using for their champion swimmers (mine was much more simple). In short I had to swim slow & get good "feel for the water" to enhance my changes. This combined with good old swim squads allowed me to get quicker & be competitive in the highest quality surf series in the world!

Snapped this off Bronte 10 metres in front of my SUP - anyone keen to come for a paddle with me???

Snapped this off Bronte 10 metres in front of my SUP - anyone keen to come for a paddle with me???

The new Bondi Fit is aimed at the following in no particular order:

-       Pool Swim & Surf Squads to get you into shape - we offer 10 pool & surf squads per week! This is the nuts & bolts of Bondi Fit so if you are training for an ocean swim, surf lifesaving bronze medallion or triathlon these squads are perfect for you!

-       Learn to Swim! If you are not ready for squad do a 1 on 1 swim lesson! Usually I can get people to swim in 1 lesson but if you are new to the water we may spend a bit more time together!


-       Stroke Correction! If you have swum a bit but feel like you could do with some private stroke correction then I am here to help! I am very specific about the order in which I fix things in your swimming & will make sure you are comfortable in the water & breathing correctly before I fix your swim stroke!

-       Stroke Correction Squad - we have a weekly stroke correction squad on Saturday 3:30pm at Prince Alfred Park Pool – bring flippers!

-       Racing! Team Bondi Fit will be attending the major ocean swims on the calendar & I will personally prepare you for your triathlon goal race!

-       Personal Training – I still offer private lessons in cycling & running if you want to get started or stay in shape! If you are a rookie & find squads too intimidating I can get you started & direct to one of the many great squads we are associated with!

-       Surf, Kayak or SUP! We have introduced these sports as people see me out there on Instagram & have been asking me forever to get out there with me! We can go for a surf or SUP/ kayak on Sydney Harbour from Rose Bay – how good does that sound!

It’s been a busy few months moving away from run & cycle squad training to set up the predominantly swim & surf coaching business. With the arrival of our beautiful daughter Bonnie I have a new even bigger love for helping people! Like a lot of you & I laugh about this but with the sun rising earlier & summer approaching I have instantly double the energy & am looking forward to some great swims with my Bondi Fit team mates! I may even dust the cobwebs off the bike for a triathlon!

So I ask you to join me in whatever your journey may be! What I promise you is you will get 100% from a guy that knows a bit about swimming, the ocean, fitness & how to achieve goals! 

Check out the website here or Make Contact to let me know how I can help you.
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