Join our Bondi Splash Program with ALL pool & surf squads included!

Welcome to Bondi Fit Surf Swim Team & we aim to get you into swim shape for the big day! We get all types of swimmers & if you are a rookie no worries - Coach Spot has been doing this for 35 years so he’s probably seen your standard of swimmer before! Feel free to tell him any concerns & he will guide you through!

Cole Classic & Sydney Harbour Splash Swim Program starts Saturday, December 15/ 16 with 5 intro swim options depending on your swim/ surf experience:
1. Experienced surf swimmers 8am North Bondi - meet 7:45am.
2. Rookie Surf Swimmers 9:30am North Bondi - meet 9:15am.
3. Rookie Pool Swimmers Stroke Correction 2:30pm Prince Alfred Park Pool - meet 2:15pm You need flippers!
4. Pool Swim Squad 2pm Prince Alfred Park Pool - meet 1:45pm
5. Can’t make Saturday? We also have Sunday 8am Rookies to Advanced, Monday 6am Sunrise Swim for experienced surf swimmers & Monday 5:45pm Swim Squad Prince Alfred Park Pool (in water by 6pm).
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here by Sunday December 16 to receive 10% discount. Use discount code “cole10”

What you will learn:
- SAFETY is our #1 priority so you can breath easy! Coach Spot will show you how rips & sand banks work.
- We will show you the easiest & fastest way to get in & out of the surf!
- You will learn to relax in deep water & learning to navigate is a priority - we do sighting drills every swim!
- You will improve your strength endurance swimming in the ocean whilst developing stroke/ fitness in the pool.
- We learn to catch waves during the program so get ready to boast to your friends! When the waves get bigger we will show you tricks to use the conditions to your advantage.

All pool & surf swim squads are included as below with our #1 tip to commit to 2 - 3 swims per week to improve fitness!

* Swim Squads Prince Alfred Park Pool:
- Saturday 2pm Enduro Sswim Squad
- Saturday 2:30pm Stroke Correction Swim Squad.
- Monday & Wednesday 5:45pm (in water by 6pm)
- Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Friday 6am
* Pool Entry not included & you need FLIPPERS!

* Surf Squads North Bondi Surf Club:
- Saturday 8am Experienced Swimmers
- Saturday 9:30am Rookies Surf Swim
- Sunday 8am Rookies to Advanced Surf Swim.
- Monday 6am Experienced Swimmers
- Thursday 6:30pm - swim/ sand run reps! Rookies to Advanced Surf Swim.

* View all our Timetable Squad options

Swimmer Guide:

1. Rookie Swimmer - you can swim LESS than 500 metres non-stop freestyle = GREAT we can look afer you!
- 1st swim should be Saturday 2:30pm Stroke Correction & then join in any of the swim squads! Aim to swim 3 x week for the first month with the goal to get to 1km non-stop freestyle! YOU NEED FLIPPERS!
Coach Spot will tell you when you are ready to attack the surf starting with Saturday 9:30am Rookie Surf Crew &/ or Sunday 8am. Enjoy the journey - you will love learning to be a Surf Swimmer! If you commit to 3 swims per week then you will comfortably get through the 1km/ 2km swims at Sydney Harbour or Cole Classic No Problemo! Coach Spot will give you a special plan of attack for race day if you fell under-done!
* If you cannot swim more than 200 metres freestyle consider a 1 on 1 Stroke Correction Swim. Availabilty here

2. You can do 1km but are new to the surf!
You can either start in the pool OR hit the surf at our Saturday 9:30am Rookie Surf Swim, Sunday 8am or Thursday 6:30pm. All Standards Swim! You will be with similar ability swimmers & coach Spot will advise when it’s time to do the more advanced surf squads (Saturday 8am/ Monday 6am). TIP - faster pool swimmers are better surf swimmers!
Fun Tip - build up to Thursday Sunset Swim/ Sand Run combos - it’s a beauty!

3. Experienced Swimmers - you can swim 2km non-stop freestyle!

This program is designed to simply get you into shape - we have 8 weeks to work our magic! We advise 2(+) pool swims & 1 surf swim per week. If you want to swim more - great! We advise ANY of our pool or surf squads but if you are really out of shape the Saturday 9:30am may be a good place to start in the ocean! We also have Sunday 8am which is All Standards so you will fit in with similar ability swimmers!

Cole Classic on February 3 is Australia’s longest running & biggest ocean swim! There is a 1km, 2km & 5km swim option with all race details here PLEASE join our team “Bondi Fit” when registering!

Sydney Harbour Splash on Saturday, January 26 is Sydney’s most iconic swim taking place at Rose Bay. There is a 1km, 2.5km & 5km swim options as well as a surboard paddle race with all race details here Please join our “Bondi Fit” team when registering!