Bondi Fit run swim squads all year round in 27 degree water at Prince Alfred Park Pool

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 6am.
  • Monday & Wednesday 5:45pm (in water by 6pm).
  • Saturday 2pm Squad (90 minutes)
  • Saturday 2:30pm Stroke Correction (60 minutes).
  • See below for sessions guide & payment options!
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Morning Squad

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Time: 6.00am
Duration: 90 minutes (option to get out early for work).
Distances range from 2km - 5km depending on your lane speed. We run 3 lanes on Tuesday, Wednesday & 4 lanes on Friday with time cycles ranging from 0:45 to 1:10 per 50 metres.

  • Tuesday: we do longer swim test sets to measure your swim fitness!
  • Wednesday: we do our main intervals set.
  • Friday: is a mix of longer & shorter sprint intervals = something for everyone!

Night Squad

Days: Monday & Wednesday
Time: 5:45pm warm up (squad starts at 6pm). In Daylight Savings we add a later squad!
Duration: 1 hour
Distances range from 1.5km - 4km depending on your lane speed. We run 3 lanes with time cycles ranging from 0:45 to 1:10 per 50 metres. We do a shorter version of the morning squad intervals at night. 

Saturday Squad

Days: Saturday
Time: 2.00pm
Duration: 90 minutes

This is our aerobic test set swim where we do an 800 - 1500m warm-up followed by a 2 - 3km(+) test set, ideally at aerobic speed to test base fitness. You can also use this as a higher intensity session! This session is also a great long ride recovery swim. The 3 lanes have time cycles ranging from 0:45 to 1:10 per 50 metres.

We have the following squad fees which include any weekly of our swim or squad squads.
Fee must be paid before 1st session commences & pool entry not included.
- $20 casual fee payable cash (before session starts) or online here.
- 11 visit pass $200 which last 3 months payable at session or online here.
- Unlimited swim & surf squads for 1 month $150 payable at session or online here.
- Direct Debit Discount unlimited monthly swim & surf squads $140 online only here.
* Minimum 3 monthly payments & 2 weeks notice if discontinuing on this plan.

Stroke Correction

Days: Saturday 2:30pm All Standards!
Duration: 60 minutes Saturday!

Includes a mix of swim drills from simple breathing to hand placement to improving power through the water! This sessions are great entry points for new swimmers or those that want to improve technique! 

1 on 1 lessons Available:

- Tuesday, Wednesday, Fridays 7:30am.
- Monday & Wednesday 4:45pm.
-  Saturday at 1:30pm or 3:30pm.
Check availability to book a 1 on 1 lesson here

side Breathing
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