pool swim squad

Bondi Fit runs weekly Pool Swim Squads year-round in 27 degree water at Prince Alfred Park Pool. Regardless of whether you're new to swimming for fitness, or you're an experienced swimmer looking to increase your performance, we have a range of sessions available to you throughout the week.
* Flippers - if you swim slower than 20 mins for 1 km you will need to bring flippers! Our slow lane swims on 1:00 - 1:10 per 50 metres time cycle (20 - 23mins per km). If you cannot swim this fast you will need flippers to keep up until you are fit enough to do so without them!



Days: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
Time: 6.00am
Duration: 60-90 minutes (with the option to leave early for work if you need to!)

Distances for our Morning Squads range from 2km-5km depending on your speed and fitness levels. We run 3 lanes on Tuesday & Wednesday, and 4 lanes on a Friday. 

On Tuesdays we do longer swim test sets to measure your swim fitness levels.
On Wednesdays we do our main intervals sets to improve your performance and endurance
On Fridays we mix longer and shorter sprint intervals with something for everyone!


Days: Monday & Wednesday
Time: 5:45pm warm up (in the water by 6pm)
Duration: 75 minutes

Distances range from 1.5km-4km depending on your lane speed. We run 3 lanes and do a shorter version of the morning squad intervals session. 


Time: 2pm
Duration: 90 minutes

This is our aerobic test swim where we'll do an 800-1500m warmup followed by a 2km-3km swim test, ideally at an aerobic speed to improve your base fitness levels. You can also modify this to be a higher-intensity training session - and it also works well as a long recovery swim. We have 3 lanes set aside for swimmers of different abilities. 


Time: 2:30pm
Duration: 60 minutes
Equipment: Flippers - PLEASE do not turn up without these! All swim gera available Rebel Sports & Surf Shops stock flippers!

During this squad we will work on various swim drills from simple to advanced! Our first priority is to correct breathing which most rookie swimmers struggle with! Once breathing is mastered we work on body position, hand entry, head height & all the all important pull through the water for maximum propulsion!

Minimum Standard for Stroke Correction Squad: we expect participants can swim 200 metres non-stop freestyle.
Cannot swim 200 metres non-stop freestyle? Book a 1 on 1 stroke correction swim lesson - check availability here You will need flippers & a kick-board (please do not turn up with these). All swim gerar available Rebel Sports & flippers from Surf Shops.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need?

We use pull buoy & ankle bands (old bike tube) at all swim squads - after week 1 we expect you to have these!

Flippers are required for all pool & stroke correction squads. Please don't show up without these if you swim slower than 20 minutes for 1km! For Stroke Correction - all swimmers need flippers & if you swim less than 200m freestyle non-stop you will also need a kick-board. 

What if I'm not experienced with my swim technique?

We offer 1 on 1 swim lessons with iphone video review to refine your stroke! Master Coach Spot will teach you what he's learnt from over 3 decades of working with swimmers - and believe it or not, newbies have more trouble swimming slowly than experienced swimmers! We'll focus on getting your breathing right so you can swim lap after lap without getting puffed out... We'll improve your body position so you're not working so hard to stay afloat, and improve your stroke technique so you're more powerful through the water. 

Ready to join Bondi FIt's Pool Swim Program?

Bondi Fit Pool Swims run from Prince Alfred Park Pool (heated to 27 degrees) - 200 metres from Central Railway/ Bus line.
* Mornings - free parking on Chalmers St before 8am & in side streets.
* Night/ Sat arvo: free 1 - 2 hour parking in side streets off Chalmers St or metered parking available on Chalmers St.
* Saturday arvo if busy parking travel south along Elizabeth past Cleveland St & should be parks . If none turn right into Redfern St & right again into Chalmers St & should be parks before Cleveland St (only 400m walk from here). It's all FREE parking!