When? Thursdays 9:30am.
Where? Meet Grassy Knoll North Bondi behind kids pool.
Who? Mums/ dads casual meet-up for a walk or run around Bondi & surrounds. Coffee or swim after - all welcome!
Facebook? Yep click here to join group

Why? This is a FREE training group for mums/ dads that need a hand to get out & about after having a kid but want to do more than meeting up to have a coffee!
Why else? At Bondi Fit Pram Club you have to earn your coffee!
The real reason? Bondi Fit owner Spot Anderson is in charge of his baby daughter Bonnie on Thursdays & doesn't know what to do with himself so feel free to give him tips on parenthood... Like you he wants to get out of the house - some weeks he will run & some weeks he will walk...

Details? At 9:30am we do our mandatory 2 laps of Bondi Promenade so everyone gets a chance to get there & we then re-group at 9:50am ready to go! We will have a separate walk & run each week designed to be 30 - 40 minutes.

Funny Stuff - Be warned that anyone who whinges about so many prams at this hour should be at work so be polite but understanding of their first world problems!

* First week - we will rotate between an out & back walk either to Tamarama/ Bronte heading south or Dover Heights/ Vaucluse heading north.
* 2nd week - we will do loops or hill reps to make it interesting & build strength/ endurance!
1. Bondi to Tamarama/ Bronte Map - click here

Strava? Yep we have formed Bondi Fit Pram Club group here as well...
Simply join Strava & each week measure how far you go - helps keep you accountable