All Stroke Correction includes Video Review to provide on the spot analysis


Book in with Spot and let him teach you what he has learned throughout 30(+) years of coaching! 
Times available at Prince Alfred Park Pool:
- Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 7:30am or 8:30am
- Tuesday 6:15am.
- Monday & Wednesday 4:45pm.
- Monday 7pm.
- Saturday 12:30pm, 1:30pm or 3:30pm

For Adult Learn To Swim or Rookie Swimmers...

Correct breathing is addressed before any other stroke correction is undertaken. If you can't breath properly you won't be able to swim very far!

From your first stroke Spot will make you swim slowly, and believe it or not bad swimmers have more trouble swimming slow than fast swimmers! This is our point of difference so prepare to be encouraged to swim slow before you can swim fast

Spot 1on1 PAP Ryan Kahn

By swimming slow you will:

  • Get your breathing right - think being able to swim lap after lap without being puffed

  • Have good body position - think not kicking hard to stay afloat

  • Have your hands enter the water in the correct position - think no crossing over at the front of your stroke

  • Get a good catch/pull part of your stroke - think POWER

Often people need more than one lesson so if you feel like you have only scratched the surface on your first lesson book in for more!

For intermediate to faster swimmers

We loosely follow the following process to analyse your stroke:

Stroke PAP.jpg
  • Breathing: many swimmers DO NOT breathe correctly so we will fix this first if this is you!

  • Body Position: it's important to get high in the water & this stage includes head position! If you have read the books about head position Spot's views may surprise you so bring an open mind!

  • Hand Entry: this phase includes arm recovery as we are now setting up the pull part of the stroke! It's important we get your hands in the correct position before commencing you pull otherwise you are not getting the power you need to swim fast!

  • Stroke Pull: this is the "money" part of the stroke & what gets you through the water faster! We have set up your entry & corrected your "catch" & it's time to pull yourself through the water!

  • Swim Drills: we have drills for working on any part of the stroke so get ready to practice one or more of these!