Welcome to Bondi Fit Run - we do run intervals preparing for 5km - 42km!
Whats involved? Easy warm-up talking freely so you loosen the muscles & no pressure to keep up!
Run Drills to improve form - we concentrate on 1 area each week via run drills! Intervals to improve fitness & practice good pacing! We advise having a watch with lap split function to help with pacing! Injury prevention tips including post run warm down, stretch & chat!

When: Tuesday 6:30 - 8pm meeting from 6:15pm for a chat!
Location: Meet Fox Studio Gates Centennial Park (corner Lang Road/ Cook Road/ Robertson Road) with location Map below!
Warm-Up: 6:30pm - 6:40pm easy warm-up & re-meet McKay Oval in front of toilet block for 10 minutes of stretching/ run drills. Be there by 6:40pm if running late - text Spot 0416 108 656
Main Set Run: we do anywhere from 200m to 3km reps if running track, 15 second to 2 minutes if doing fartlek or 20 - 40 minute tempo runs!

5km Time Trials - we run regular 5kms in Centennial Park & it's FREE! ALL WELCOME!
We also do FREE intro Sunday runs with our run partners Rejoov Runners in Centennial Park with 6:30am & 7am options. Run link - https://rejoovrunners.com.au/