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Welcome to Bondi Fit Run - we do run intervals preparing for 5km - 42km! We have 2 weekly runs with Saturday alternating hills/ stairs with longer endurnace run all along the coastline!

- City To Surf Program: includes the 2 runs below + advice if you want to run more! Book Here

Run 1 - Hills & Endurance Run.
When: Saturday meet 7:15am for 7:30am start!
Where: North Bondi Surf Club beach side
What's involved: we alternate runs with Week 1 we find hills/ stairs then go up & down or around & around (loops) until we cry!!! Week 2 is an endurance tempo run along the coastline or on City To Surf Course where we build speed from slow to medium (great fat burning run).
How Long: Run goes 60 - 75 minutes with longer options as advised by coach if you are training for Marathon/ Ironman
Who For? All WELCOME & you can walk more if you are a rookie!
TIP - bring your phone for safety, NO rattling keys/ coins!
Parking: FREE PARKING in Ramsagte Ave opp surf club (2 hours) or free unlimited parking up hill past bus depot on Military Road & surrounding streets! PAID PARKING in beach car park & Campbell Parade!

* 5km Fitness Run 7:30am Saturdfay held every 8 weeks to test your fitness! We do a warm-up then bang we are off for a hilly 5km test run - details here It's FREE so invite your friends!

* Run 2 - Track Intervals...
When: Tuesday starting 6:30pm
Where: ES Marks Athletic Field - corner Anzac Parade & entry via Boronia St.
What's involved: meet in the grandstand behind start/ finish line opposite track entry! We do a 10 minute warm-up, run drillls & a main set of intervals from 200m - 3km depending on the night!
How long: Plan to be there til 8pm but you can leave whenever you need to...
Who for? ALL WELCOME - let Spot how far/ how fast you can run on inquiry form here
TIP - leave plenty of time on week 1 to work it out! If you are lost ring Spot 0416 108 656.
Track entry cost? $6 or multi passes available here payable to attendant upon entry!
* Injury prevention tips including post run warm down, stretch & chat!
Parking: due to light rail if you park or travel from city on bus you will need to cross Anzac Parade/ Allison Road/ Dacey Ave.
Park # 1 Centennial Park side - Robertson Road/ Martin Road & walk across at lights!
Park #2 East Side Anzac Parade - Abbotford/ Carlton St & walk across at lights!
Park #3 West Side of Anzac Parade - Boronia St & Salisbury Road!

1. Please register for your first training run here WE offer $20 cash visits after your first visit so you don't have to register!
2. Fill inquiry form here & PLEASE include any past injuries, health problems & current running fitness levels. No worries if you have never run before - we will get you into shape!
4. FREE intro Sunday runs with our run partners Rejoov Runners in Centennial Park.

Training Fees - fee must be paid before 1st session commences & pool entry not included.

- $20 casual fee payable cash (before session starts) or online here
- 11 visit pass swim/ surf/ cycle/ run $200 which last 3 months payable at session or online here
- City To Surf Program $249. Book Here

UNLIMITED Monthly Swim/ Surf, Cycle & Run Passes
- Unlimited 2 - 3 sport squads 1 month only $249 payable at session or online here
- Direct Debit Discount unlimited monthly 2 - 3 sport squads $190 online here
* Minimum 3 monthly payments & 2 weeks notice if discontinuing on this plan
* Fees DO NOT include pool entry for swims...

Meet beach side North Bondi Surf Club  Please leave time to allow for parking!

Meet beach side North Bondi Surf Club
Please leave time to allow for parking!

Due to Tram Works  if parking Centennial Park/ East Side you will need to cross Anzac Parade at lights...

Due to Tram Works if parking Centennial Park/ East Side you will need to cross Anzac Parade at lights...