Welcome to Bondi Fit Run - we do run intervals preparing for 5km - 42km!
We advise having a watch with lap split function to help with pacing! 

1. Track Running ES Marks Athletic Field: Tuesday 6:30pm meet in the grandstand behind start/ finish line opposite track entry! We do a 10 minute warm-up, run drillls & a main set of intervals from 200m - 3km depending on the night!
If you are lost ring Spot 0416 108 656. TIP - leave plenty of time on week 1 to work it out!
Track entry of $6 or multi passes available here
* Injury prevention tips including post run warm down, stretch & chat!

2. North Bondi Saturday Bark Run 8am - yep this is a tough run & you may BARK! Rookies we will take it easy on you but be warned when you get fitter you will be keen to chage up the hill & stairs loops that we visit! This session is only 45 minutes - short but sweet!
5km Time Trials - we run regular 5kms at North Bondi to measure fitness!

We also do FREE intro Sunday runs with our run partners Rejoov Runners in Centennial Park with 6:30am & 7am options. Run link - https://rejoovrunners.com.au/