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Run with bondifit - we run a weekly run squad covering beginner training, race prep, advanced performance and general fitness. Whether you're preparing for a 5km Fun-Run or a Marathon or Ultra-Marathon, join one of our runs along the coast line!

Tuesday Tempo/ Intervals/ Hills
Tuesday at 6:30pm meeting from 6:15pm.
Where: We run around Bondi meeting North Bondi Surf Club
What's Involved: Warm-up run along promenade then run intervals, hills or tempo!
How Long: Plan to be there until 7:45pm for cool down, but you can leave whenever you need to.
Who Is This For? All are welcome - let your coach know before you join how far/fast you can run.
What To Bring: Runners & we advise running with phone if practical. Make sure keys don’t rattle - it’s a running no no ;-)
Where You Can Park: Free 2HR parking is available in Ramsgate Ave opposite the surf club, or unlimited free parking up the hill past the bus depot on Military Road and surrounding streets. 
Coach Spot’s mobile - text before first run to let him know you are coming! 0416 108 656

If you are intimidated from joining a run squad then why not book some private lessons with Coach Spot! He can teach you to run without feelng like you are going to die, learn to run hills, improve technique, decrease injury risk & improve your run fitness. Click Here to book 3 Private Lesson Run Pass & get a 4th Visit FREE! You can mix/ match these lessons with private cycle or surf swim lessons!

North Bondi Surf-Lifesaving Club: meet on the promenade (beach side) 15 minutes before training session starts.

2 hours FREE parking in streets opposite surf club & unlimited FREE parking north of Bus Depot (400m+ walk).

PAID parking in beach car park & along Campbell Parade.