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We run regular Running Squads each week covering beginner training, race prep, advanced performance and general fitness. Whether you're preparing for a 5km Fun-Run or a Marathon or Ultra-Marathon, join one of our runs along the coast line! If you are intimidated from joining a run squad gthen why not book private lessons with Coach Spot! He can teach you to run without felling like a going to die, learn to run hills, improve technique, decrease injury risk & improve your run fitness!

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Saturday Hills & Endurance


When: Saturday 7:15 for a 7:30 departure
Where: North Bondi Surf Club
What's Involved: We alternate runs weekly with hills/stairs, and an endurance tempo run along the coastline or the City To Surf course. 
How Long: Run goes for 60-75 minutes with longer options as advised by your coach if you're training for a Marathon or IronMan. 
Who Is This For? All are welcome and you can run/walk if you're a rookie!
What To Bring: Your phone for safety, and we strongly advise that you avoid rattling keys and coins!
Where You Can Park: Free 2HR parking is available in Ramsgate Ave opposite the surf club, or unlimited free parking up the hill past the bus depot on Military Road and surrounding streets. 

Tuesday Track Intervals

When: Tuesday at 6:30pm
Where: ES Marks Athletic Field - corner of Anzac Parade and Boronia Street
What's Involved: We meet in the grandstand behind the start/finish line opposite track entry for a 10-minute warm up, run drills and a set of intervals ranging from 200m-3km depending on the night. 
How Long: Plan to be there until 8pm for cool down, but you can leave whenever you need to
Who Is This For? All are welcome - let your coach know before you join how far/fast you can run.
What To Bring: $6 for track entry, multiple passes are available for a discount
Where You Can Park: At Centennial Park on Robertson Road & Martin Road, or at Abbotford St & Carlton St, or on Boronia St & Salisbury Road. 

Saturday 5km Hilly Tempo Runs - held every 6 - 8 weeks

This run is designed to be a great hitout & test your fitness! We meet North Bondi Surf Club 7:15am for short warm-up run at 7:30am! 
5km start Bondi Pavilion & follow promenade towards South Bondi then head up hill next to skate ramp past car park entry & up Campbell Parade until you turn LEFT into Sandridge St. Follow across Fletcher St into Alexander St which turns into Gaerloch Ave & follow down STEEP hill & around past MacKenzies Bay onto Pacific Ave, Tamarama. Follow around to Bronte & head down path to stairs at Bronte Surf Club & along the promenade! TURN-A-ROUND is at the end of the promenade at gates to Bronte Pool (just past topilets). Do u-turn & head straight back to Bondi Pavilion as above... Map Below

Ready to join Bondi FIt's Run?

Parking - due to Tram works if parking on East side best to cross at lights corner of Anzac Parade/ Alison Road
1. East side Centennial Park - Robertson Road & Martin Road.
2. East Side of Anzac Parade: Abbotford St & Carlton St.
3. West Side of Anzac Parade: Boronia St & Salisbury Road. 

5km Tempo Run starts from North Bondi Surf Club meeting from 7:15am as normal...