Re-fuelling along the cliffs....

Re-fuelling along the cliffs....

 Sally 8 months pregnant - true story!

Sally 8 months pregnant - true story!

South Head Roughwater is the most iconic Sydney Journey Swim. The 10km swim starts at North Bondi & heads along the cliffs of Dover Heights, Diamond Bay, Vaucluse before entering Sydney Harbour & finishing 2km later at Watsons Bay. It's a roughwater swim & requires preparation which is where we can help you! Included in the practice is open water training to prepare you for anything & we strongly encourage all paticipants to get the training done in the pool to improve fitness! 
Bondi Fit Head Coach Spot has been involved in this race since it's inception in many forms - placing 2nd & 3rd overall, swimming pace for Bondi Fit swimmers, participating in 2 man & 4 man teams, paddling next to his athletes & even guiding his 8 month pregnant partner Sally for 6kms before she wisely listened to the coach & got on the support boat for a much deserved rest!
We encourage you to check out the race for yourself here & sign up below if you want to have a crack! We offer a comprehensive 10 week program to get you ready to swim like you have never swum before! Our package includes:

Super Saturdays - we alternate the following swims:

* Session 1 - 9am Surf Swim Squad lasting 90 minutes+ includes 4 "timed" laps of Bondi & ins/ outs with Bondi Fit Squad for added fitness! 
- option to do 2pm Enduro Swim Sqaud at PAP pool.

* Session 2 - 8am Surf Swim (members only) includes  longer timed swim (4 - 9km). These sessions are critical for race day preparation & include review by Coach Spot.

* Session(s) 3 - 2 x Saturday swims:
1. 9am Surf Swim with squad (90 minutes)
2. 4 - 6km pool squad 2pm PAP pool.

* NOTE - above can be done on Sundays or any other day of the week as once signed up you will be given the program

Race specific swim day: Monday 6pm OR Tuesday 6am (whichever suits you)

Whats's included:

- all swim squads as below
- all surf swims as below
- specific swim sets for members only
- Bondi Fit swim cap
- regular group meeting/ update following Saturday 2pm Swim!
- swim program so you can do session(s) by yourself!
- race preparation swims including nutrition, specific pacing plans/ reviews & SUP support from coach Spot

1. New & casual/ multi pass members - $449 click here to register
2. Monthly Members $149 click here to register
Click Here if you would like to sign up to our monthly swim plan ($140/ month).

Unlimited Squads with Bondi Fit:

* Pool Prince Alfred Park Pool (PAP)
- Monday 6pm
- Tuesday 6am
- Wednesday 6am/ Wednesday 6pm
- Friday 6am
- Saturday 2pm

* Surf Swims North Bondi Surf Club:
- Saturday 9am
- Sunday 9am
- Monday 9:30am

 Coach Spot will be hands on at all open water sessions!