Bondi Fit Stroke Correction Clinic: Saturday, September 23 for 4 weeks or 10 week option for Bondi to Bronte Swimmers!
Day: Saturday x 4 held over 5 weeks (no October long weekend)
September 23 - October 21
Time: 3pm- 4:30pm
Location: Prince Alfred Park Pool. 200 metres from Central Railway, Chalmers St Surry Hills. Click Here for location map

- 4 weeks of Stroke Correction Clinic: we refine your swim stroke start from simple to hard! Each week you get a new set of swim drills to make you faster in the water!
- Learn to relax in the water.
- Develop correct technique.
- Create more power!
- Rookie to advanced options
We also encourage you to attend as many of the swim squads below as possible!

10% Discount if you book before Monday, September 18! Use promo code "tri10"

* 10 week Swim Clinic goes September 23 - Sunday December 3 inclusive. Click Here to register.
* 4 weeks Swim Clinic goes September 23 -  Saturday October 21 inclusive. Click Here to register.

- Includes unlimited swim/ surf squads:

1. Pool squads at Prince Alfred Park Pool:

Morning - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 6am
Afternoon/ Night - Monday, Wednesday 5:45pm (in water by 6pm) & Saturday 2pm.

-2. Surf squads at North Bondi Surf Club with Rookie options:
Saturday, Sunday & Monday 9am.

Private Swim Lessons Times Available Prince Alfred Park Pool:
- Tueday, Wednesday, Friday 7:30am.
- Monday, Wednesday 4:45pm.
- Saturday 1pm or 4:30pm.
Click Here to make contact or check availability to book a 1 on 1 lesson here

For our 1 on 1 Private Stroke Correction Lessons we loosely follow the following process to analyse your stroke. Book a lesson & you think you need more you can book:
- Breathing: many swimmers DO NOT breathe correctly so we will fix this first if this is you!
- Body Position: it's important to get high in the water & this stage includes head position! If you have read the books about head position Spot's views may surprise you so bring an open mind!
- Hand Entry: this phase includes arm recovery as we are now setting up the pull part of the stroke! It's important we get your hands in the correct position before commencing you pull otherwise you are not getting the power you need to swim fast!
- Stroke Pull: this is the "money" part of the stroke & what gets you through the water faster! We have set up your entry & corrected your "catch" & it's time to pull yourself through the water!
- Swim Drills: we have drills for working on any part of the stroke so get ready to practice one or more of these!