Our World Famous Rookies Surf Swim Clinics are a load of fun & we invite you to join us! Here is how we do it & what you will learn:
- Pre Swim we look & assess the surf. Coach Spot will show you what is happening - where the rips are (deep water), where the waves are (sandbanks) & the major sighting points for when we are out the back! 
- Depending on the tide & swell we will start with swimming out the back in the rip (high tide) or getting across the sand bank (low tide or waves).
- Once established you are safe out the back & a shark has eaten you we will swim across the bay learning to lift & look to navigate correctly! 
- Once we have done a load of swimming out the back we finish the clinic going in & out through the surf (yep catching waves).
* At any session we are guided by the conditions & will alter the training accordingly! 

* North Bondi Surf Club: Saturday 10am - 11:15am: Aug 26, Sep 2 & 9.
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