Tips for Bondi Fit Surf Swims:

  • We offer Surf Swim Squads all year round Rain Hail Shine so come down even if the weather man says it's going to be raining & dangerous as we will offer you something! If you are not confident in the surf ask our coach Spot for a private surf swim lesson. You will be amazed at how confident you can be in 1 lesson - he will paddle next to you on his SUP if you ask nicely!
  • At your first surf swim squad stay at the back with the coach & start at an easy pace! DO NOT worry if you get washed around in the surf - we think it is fun so learn to embrace it! We often say it usually takes 3 - 4 surf squads to feel like you can swim freely in the surf! So be patient & try to commit to a series of consecutive squads leading up to your first ocean swim/ triathlon or upcoming goal race!
  • SAFETY standard - you need to be able to swim to attend surf swims as you will NOT learn in the surf! We advise anywhere from 500m - 1km non-stop freestyle & if you cannot do this we offer 7 weekly swim squads per week with 1 including stroke correction (Saturday 2:30pm) all in a 27 degree heated pool. We also offer 1 on 1 Stroke Correction Swims for all standards of swimmers!
  • We start on advertised times so please be early as we give safety instructions anywhere from 5 minutes before the session commences! If you are new & arrive late we will NOT let you join the session so please take an extra 15 minutes on day 1 - see location & parking tab for tips!
    DO NOT bring valuables to the beach! In summer we leave our gear at the lifesaver tent & in winter under the portable lifeguard tower.
  • Some swimmers swim year round without wetsuits but wetsuits advised in winter months. Water temperature drops from July to anywhere from 16 - 18 degrees & doesn't increase again consistently until November/ December! Wetsuits float you so are a great safety device fro rookie swimmers. Be aware that your 1st day in a wetsuit you may feel a bit claustrophobic & a buying tip is that wetsuits are meant to be firm fitting!
  • We can't be everywhere as we run large group sessions - if you get into trouble please remember:
    1. DO NOT KISS Spot when he comes to save you!
    2. Lie on your back & get your breath back - STAY CALM.
    3. Work out where the best place to swim in is - look for white water, sand banks, waves or surfers.
    4. Crack a wave & re-join the squad!
    5. No crying to the end of training - it's a Bondi Fit rule...
  • Parking = allow time to park especially in summer! There is 2 hour FREE parking in the back streets opposite the surf club, FREE parking up the hill in Military Road past the bus depot & Paid parking on the Beach Council Car Park or metered parking along Campbell Parade!
South Bondi surf swim start with PB3 July 2016