South Head Roughwater Swim Program starts Saturday, February 23 7:15am at North Bondi Surf Club with our introduction chat & introduction test swim!

What training is offered? 7 weekly pool & 4 weekly surf swims. View our timetable to see all our weekly training swims here

Specific Squads: weekly race specific session alternating between a longer ocean swim & 2 medium swims (1 ocean & 1 pool) on Saturday or Sunday.

Feed-back: All swimmers can create an online training data collection where coach Spot can review your training!

South Head Roughwater Swim details:
- 10km swim from Bondi to Watsons Bay May 19, 2019.
- 1 swimmer or teams (2, 3 or 4 swimmers).
- boat & paddler required- individuals can share a boat if they stay together!
- race details here

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Bondi Fit 2019 Rookie Surf Swim Squads

When: Saturday 9:30am SHARP meet from 9:15am & note we don’t allow late arrivals.

Where: meet beach side North Bondi Surf Club meeting from 9:15am.

Who? Our SAFETY standard of 500m - 1km non stop freetyle applies. Coach Spot will be on his SUP as water safety for our surf swim rookies! NOTE we offer pool swim squads & stroke correction/ surf swim lessons if you cannot do this! Squad timetable/ bookings here or stroke correction lessons here or surf swim lessons here

Plan: we concentrate on surf skills - getting in/ out through the surf & once out the back navigating along the beach! Can’t make Saturday? Join our Sunday 8am Surf Swim (Rookie options) or Thursday 6:30pm Sunset Surf Swim/ Runs squad! Ready to go? Register/ Book online via our Timetable link here

Join our FREE Intro Run 6:30am Sunday, January 6 at North Bondi Surf Club meeting from 6:15am!

2019 Run Schedule - we will be running both our runs from North Bondi Surf Club:

- Sunday 6:30am Sunrise Coastal Classic: we will be heading along the coastline for a scenic run with options to go longer. 8am Surf Swim follows run!

- Tuesday 6:30pm is our hills, sprints, intervals & tempo run!

Book Run Squad here

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* 2019 Swim Schedule with Squad Timetable/ Bookimgs here

- Pool swim squads Prince Alfred Park Pool:
- Monday & Wednesday 5:45pm (in water by 6pm)
- Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 6am
- Saturday 2pm Enduro Squad.
- Saturday 2:30pm Stroke Correction Squad
* Pool Squads Info link here

- Surf Swims squads North Bondi Surf Club:

- Saturday 8am Surf Swim 90 minutes Experienced Surf Swimmers (slow is OK)
* 9:30am Saturday is a Rookie Specific Surf Swim: Rookies to Advanced
- Sunday 8am Surf Swim: Rookies to Advanced
- Monday 6am Surf Swim Experienced Surf Swimmers (slow is OK)
- Thursday 6:30pm Sunset Surf Swims/ Sand Runs: Rookies to Advanced
* Minimum SAFETY standard for Rookie Friendly Surf Swims is 500m - 1km non-stop freestyle!

* Private Rookie & Small Group Surf Swim Clinics - if you are not ready for surf swim squad then this is a perfect place to start!

What you will learn....
- Learn to relax in the open water & even enjoy waves washing over you! 
- Do drills to get you through the waves = this is fun!
- Learn how to use rips & sandbanks to safely get in/ out through wave zone!
- Do navigation drills to ensure you know how to sight where you are going!
- Swim in deep water parallel to the beach with water safety provided by Coach Spot on his SUP!
- Learn how to catch waves = this is fun!
- Faster Swimmers will swim further than slower swimmers if you are part of a small group lesson!

Please fill inquiry form SAFETY standard of 500 metres non-stop freestyle applies!

Times Available but please note other times available so please make contact to inquire!
- Saturday 10:30am/ 11:30am
- Sunday 9:15am/ 10:15am
- Monday 7:15am/ 8:15am.
- Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 8:30am/ 9:30am
- Tuesday 4:15pm & 5:15pm.
- Thursday 5:15pm.

* Book 3 private lessons & get a 4th one free for swim, cycle & run!
- book 4 x surf swimming lesson pass click here
* Get 10% off when you book 3 x 1 on private stroke correction lessons click here
- book 4 x cycling private lesson pass click here
- book 4 x running private lesson pass click here

Thanks Coach

Thanks Coach

Perfect weather guaranteed

Perfect weather guaranteed

Catching Waves - Fun Fun Fun

Catching Waves - Fun Fun Fun